About uS

Collider Science is a social enterprise that brings educators, scientists, artists and innovators together to inspire young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).  The idea for Collider Science came from the growing recognition that the world is changing so quickly most of our teenagers today will be doing jobs or pursuing careers that haven’t been invented yet- but the educational system still rooted in the Industrial Age and based on academic performance is not evolving quickly enough to prepare them well and unleash their talent. 

Society is going through exponential changes as a result of technology, globalisation and demographic shifts. Our young people need the inspiration, the imagination and the skills to become successful architects of their own future- especially those skills that won’t be taken over by robots and artificial intelligence any time soon, like creativity, entrepreneurship and critical problem solving.

The overall vision for Collider Science is to help develop proactivity, resilience and creativity in teenagers so they become effective architects of their own future. We aim to connect young peoples’ curiosity and appetite for knowledge with the sharp end of what is happening in science and technology.

Over the years, and with the contributions and energy of a wide range of collaborators in the sciences and arts, from quantum artists to neuroscientists, nanobiophysicists, swarm robotics experts and leading CERN particle physicists, Collider Science has shown there is a genuine appetite for re-imagining what science education should look like and how we can help our youth become better equipped to thrive in a fast changing world. 

Collider Science has worked with a range of partners, including Imperial College, Ravensbourne College and  Ignite Futures,  which  promotes creativity in learning in schools, both here and abroad (for example,  Lab13 project in Ghana and the international ArtScience Prize). 

Collider Science is now working with leading institutions on projects to create a bridge between school and work, enabling better social mobility, inclusion and diversity: by equipping business with new ideas and access to talented young people, and enabling students to develop their passions and interests.