About uS

ColliderSCIENCE is a social enterprise bringing together committed educators, scientists, artists and innovators who want to ignite young people's inner curiosity and passion for the sciences to be a force for positive change in an uncertain future.  We develop projects and partnerships through a network of mentors and collaborators in the following areas: 1) Informal learning initiatives to engage people with science; 2) Design thinking application in science education and 3) Creativity and entrepreneurship skills development in STEM education.

The idea for ColliderSCIENCE and our projects like Future Forum came from the growing recognition that being creative in today’s world is a social and economic imperative. The world is changing so quickly many of our teenagers today will be doing jobs or pursuing careers that haven’t been invented yet- and they will all need the skills to become successful architects of their own future.

The field of science and technology is undergoing a radical transformation with the internet inviting more collaboration, public scrutiny and lay involvement. Advances in quantum computing and new technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence will change how we work and create.  

We are committed to designing projects to pilot new ways of informal learning, where out-of-the-box thinking and challenging convention will be encouraged above and beyond the formal curriculum.  A safe place where students need not be afraid to fail, where asking absurd and silly questions, giving things a go and trying again will all be encouraged. Where we can nurture incubators of creative thinking so students can ask big questions in science and through new concepts in design thinking, translate ideas into concrete projects through the help of the mentors in the network.