the team

Tina Woods is Founder and CEO of Collider Science, established in 2014. A mother of three sons, she was inspired by Sir Ken Robinson's philosophy on education in schools, and helped her boys’ school set up a science club with a difference- looking at how creativity and curiosity drives new thinking.  This club has since evolved and developed into a collective of  committed educators, scientists, artists and innovators eager to ignite young people's inner curiosity and passion for the sciences as a force for good.   

Tina developed successful formats like Future Forum and Science Question Time and brings knowledge and expertise through Collider Health, a health innovation firm she set up in 2017.  As CEO of Collider Health Tina builds ecosystems and networks to help corporates, start-ups, third sector and investors form strategic partnerships and facilitate smart investment- for long term, sustainable impact in health.  She has established relationships with leading incubators, accelerators, investors, digital health start-ups, clinical innovators and tech corporates across industry sectors which creates a pool of expertise and contacts for Collider Science - and a bridge between education and work.

Tina  sits on the Gender Equality, Diversity and Education Committee of Imperial College Department of Computing, and is involved in Imperial's national Women in Computer Science initiative to encourage more teen girls to study maths and take up careers in computer and data sciences at a time when the UK aspires to be a global leader in artificial intelligence and other critical technologies.  Tina has a degree in Genetics from Cornell University (USA) and an MBA from Cass Business School (London).

Dr John Collins is a Director of Collider Science. John is Commercial Director of the UK National Centre for commercialising Engineering Biology based at Imperial College London, SynbiCITE, which is tasked with growing industry based on using the engineering of biology to ‘do useful things and make useful stuff to heal us, feed us and fuels us’. John helps turn ‘upstarts into start-ups and start-ups to become grown ups’ through business incubation and acceleration programmes designed specifically for SynbiCITE. Prior to this John has had a varied portfolio career including R&D, product development, technical sales, business development, international development for a trade association, innovation and digital creativity growth and in educational services. Throughout his careers John has run his own ‘Disruptive Technologies and Innovations Management’ consultancy – Innovation Foundry Ltd. – and continues to work with a diverse spread of technologies